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Dec 3, 2013 6:00am PST
technology to connect with customers in an entirely new way. there mobile app will greet people with an alert on their phone as they walk in the store. and then immediately the app recommends treats they may like based on their past purchases and offers discounts or special deals customized to the user. markets with index the company who developed a system that kato is testing out. >>: we integrate index right into here. we also integrate into the cato app that we developed which they lost and is available. with that integration and the app the consumer can come and, we greet them with a local message. the campbells personalized recommendations and then they just enter their password rides on a point of sale. it's like we lock them into the physical store. the fun part of shopping is all about discovery we want to bring that back to the shopping experience. they were first known for cupcakes but now they have done up muffins' ice cream cakes for the summoning great products. we really recognize the customer for what they've done in the past. we reward them every time they come back and the st
Dec 9, 2013 6:00am PST
francisco ballet dancers as part of the light spectacular. san francisco bay creative technology studio conceived and created nutcracker under the dome using the latest interjection mapping technology. it took three days of filming up with 60 ballet dancers to capture 16 hours of dance footage for the six minute show. the team of obscured digital clock in over 1000 hours of post-production and animation to transform the raw footage which was captured in slow motion at 90 frames per second. it's really special grid is one of those only in san francisco kind of shows. it's 3d but you don't need glasses for it in person, it's really cool. my video camera can quite capture related imagery i was seeing. this magical experience plays every half hour starting at 5:00 p.m. nightly now through december 31st. these unique attractions-attractions will get you in the holiday spirit and its free. >>anny: it's free. i love the nutcracker pripet watching gas prices this morning. as the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline is up three cents. according to triple a fuel gauge, the national aver
Dec 5, 2013 6:00am PST
technology to predict and prevent crime. it can see coming here, sale and smale. it will roll around a pre designated area and a lord of borders. >> it has a very large sensor. it gathers all the information from its environment. it used shot smarte= spotter and cameras. >> we take this data and provide it with a real-time analysis. we will look for any thing that might be suspicious. >> we take all this data and create a real time maps of where all of this may be at any alerts that may have been issued and we start looking at an analysis of the situation. >> if it is k five as a messenger. it has no weapons, it will not arrest people just catalog information to the >> it will be able to live screen does. not just the authorities but the community itself. this will give us an opportunity to effectively crowds for security. i do not care how dumb of a criminal your. if you see these run around, the likelihood is that your gourd to try to go into that area, good luck, combining all of this--the hard work, the software, all of this combined into a solution to fix the problem is energizing. >>
Dec 5, 2013 4:00am PST
. tall 300 lb. robot built by nights " is packed with cutting edge technology to predict and prevent crime it can see, here feel and smell. it will grow around a pre designated area and alert authority's if something is fishy. >>: facial recognition software night-vision cameras. >>: we take that data and combined it with a real-time analysis of the social feet of that field fence area looking for anyone on the cost of esther graeme of flicker a u-2 and twitter to see if anything should be suspicious. we take all that data and then it creates a real crime time or hate to map of where all the night scope k five might've and then start looking at an overall analysis of the situation. >>: think of k five as a messenger. it has no weapons. it won't arrest people, but pass along the information to local authority's and others. and be able to live stream that to be able to see. . that gives us an opportunity to effectively crowd store's security. of that combining that and to a solution to fix a problem is energizing. science fiction and reality is looking to come next year. >>: cape slate
Dec 2, 2013 4:00am PST
and eventually that will have them all mapped out. this is possible by technology which takes the view of the car and puts it on humans and backpack form. over the past years they have mapped out places having it walk them through. >> they have done a highly designed destinations like venice. it really feels like you are going through the strength you. they also have a remote area like parks and volcanoes. places that are really hard to get to. they've ever put this on a skier and street fuelled the possible ski runs. they documented some of the areas to scuba dive. you can see where this is going. you will literally be able to visit anywhere in the world from your computer or your mobile device through the maps. this is critical. gabe slate, kron 4 news. >> officials say norovirus may be the cause of a flu- like outbreak at a youth football tournament in las vegas. dozens of players, coaches and parents at tournament were sickened this weekend. health officials say the flu- like symptoms are consistent with cases of norovirus. which is mostly a food - or water-borne- illness. some of the teams t
Dec 3, 2013 4:00am PST
technology it to connect with customers in an entirely new way. >> mobile app will greet you with a colored walk in the store. immediately the app will recommend treats on your past purchases and offer you discounts or special deals. mark, the company eight represent a tough >rep tells us more. >> this well be available in with this integration the consumer can come inside and be greeted they can also find their personalized recommendations to try new products. that would just enter their password and along the man. >> when you shop it is all about discovery. we are known for our cupcakes but today they have so much, muffins, cookies, and ice cream. really, but recognize what the customers like from the pass and we introduced them to new products. we even give them incentives and reward them when they come back then. >> this act allows us for the first time to be a part of this process. we offer customers a personalized tune based on what they have purchased in the past. the owner stated that when the app mom just the first people who download the three will get a free cup cake. >> gabe sla
Dec 6, 2013 4:00am PST
for three years is reunited with its owner. we'll tell you what technology helped "dash" the cat return home. and an amber alert is in effect for a teen missing from washington. we'll tell you where authorities believe her abductor is headed. starting things off here in the weather center this morning. kron4's mike pelton is live in walnut creek where temperatures are below freezing. it is pretty chilly grid of 29 degrees as you can see on the sign behind me bridge we just got out of the truck and these conditions are very similar to what we saw yesterday. 29 degrees. not a lot of land or a lot of frost. a light dusting of frost on some of the cars which should not be a big issue for residents of terror in the east bay but we've seen these cold temperatures cause some inconvenience for people in the east. there was a water main break and martinez. some people have been caught off guard for some of the temperatures. we will speak with some residents to see how they are dealing with the cold weather and see if it's causing them in the issues this week. and what had to the north bay where we co
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7